Cyclohexylamine (CHA)


Cyclohexylamine (CHA)




Cyclohexylamine (CHA) is a amine which is transparent or slightly yellowish in appearance. It has an odour of ammonia & a very fishy smell. It is miscible (mixable / compatible) in water. This is an organic chemical & amine which is basically made by 2 routes (Hydrogenation of Aniline | Ammonia Alkylation by Cyclohexanol). It is considered as one of the most crucial intermediates in the process of production of various compounds. It acts as an intermediate in synthesis of organic chemicals. CHA also reacts with other compounds in sulfenamide based rubber accelerators for performing vulcanization. It is also used in Bulk Drug & Pharmaceutical Industry as a key raw material for various API’s & Drugs manufacturing. Cyclohexylamine (CHA) itself inherits a sweetness property which in turn also makes it possible for it to be used in sweeteners manufacturing. Also, Mono Cyclohexylamine (MCHA) itself is naturally a corrosion inhibitor which also brings its applications into various other applications as well.


  • Bulk Drug & Pharmaceuticals – For various API’s & other chemicals
  • Lubricants & Oils
  • Sulfenamide based rubber accelerators (Like CBS & so on)
  • Synthetic Sweeteners
  • Agriculture – Pesticides & Insecticides
  • Water Treatment – For treatment of boiler water to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces


  • Physical State: Liquid
  • Odour: Fishy, Amine Like
  • Density at 25 °C864.7 kg/ m3
  • Boiling Point: 134.5°C
  • Flash Point: 28°C
  • Melting Point: -17°C
  • Purity: MIN 99.8%

Packaging Details:

  • 175 KGS Sealed Intact Barrel
  • IBC (1MT)
  • Iso-tank container

Storage and Handing:

  • Keep in cool, dry, ventilate condition and in closed containers.
  • Keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
  • Recommended safe handling procedures are discussed in the information on the MSDS should review and understand before working.

Other Names:

  • Mono Cyclohexylamine (MCHA)

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